Brian Ray Norris

Hi! My name is Brian Ray Norris and I am a character actor. I love the transformative about what we do and stepping into all the various shoes of different characters, time periods and places. I was born in Raleigh NC and grew up in a small suburb, Garner where I attended grade school. It wasn’t until high school that I became involved with the choral department lead by Mike Gilliam and soon discovered my love of musical theater. I began working with professionally soon after and became aware this was something you could make a career out of. After high school I attended the North Carolina School of the Arts for classical drama further locking in my love of the craft of acting.

In my early career I was fortunate to work locally in my home town gaining skills at North Carolina Theater working with industry professionals from NY and learning what it takes to put up a professional show in record time. During this time I also worked as a personal trainer and beginner dance instructor for Aurthor Murray Dance studios adding new skill sets and color to my palette. I’ve had the joy since of living and working in NYC and performing around the world, across the US and on Broadway. I love telling stories; whether by acting, directing and writing or with a paint brush, sketch pencils or lifting my camera in order to express our fundamental commonalities and to hold mirror up to what divides us and occasionally to simply entertain and delight. I love what I do, I love the art of making art and how it can be an agent of change. Let’s tell a story together.